Can you get HBO Go in Australia?

Can you get HBO Go in Australia?

Can you get HBO GO in Australia? A famous question among TV loving Aussies who would like to watch blockbuster US series like the Game of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley or Ballers. Coming back to the question, the answer is, in a nutshell, YES. First off, if you are wondering what HBO GO is all about, it is an online HD video library of hit HBO TV series, movies, and specials. The library provides unrestricted access to HBO content in the library and episodes of blockbuster series like the Game of Thrones are posted an hour after they air in the USA.

You now know that it is possible to watch HBO GO in Australia so what’s next? You’d like to know how and where you could access the service, wouldn’t you? HBO Go could be accessed on any supported device, PC or Mac. The HBO Go app is available on popular cord-cutting set-top box devices like the Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire tv. In addition, the popularity of the app has brought about native apps on a whole host of other entertainment devices/consoles like the IPad, iPhone, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Android mobile users have not been left out either, most smartphones/tablets and Android TVs have the app.

HBO Go is provided free of charge for HBO subscribers in the USA. You’d need a US cable login to authenticate and activate the app. This login could be from any US Cable company like Comcast, Directv, Dish, Time Warner or At&t. The best way to obtain a cable login would be to get a friend/relative from the US to share access with you, but like many of us, if you don’t know anyone who would share a login with you from the USA, it is time to go shopping. HBO Go is a “US only” streaming service, therefore, to get it working in Australia you should tweak your DNS and IP settings to create the illusion of being a US viewer. I have provided detailed information on how this could be done here.

With the DNS bit sorted out, you could visit online marketplaces that rent out US cable logins, IPTV services, and Slingbox services. One popular forum which I have used myself is I was introduced to the site at the Whirlpool internet forum which contains a number of reviews on the services provided on the slingsharing board. Pricing is reasonable and ranges between 10 and 20 USD per month and you receive great discounts on yearly packages. The forum allows users to post requests for services like HBO Go in the Exchanges USA or Paid services sections.

The forum is strictly moderated however, I would suggest that you request a demo before committing. If the user has been selling on the board for a year or his/her post count is above a hundred it is pretty safe to rent out a login from them. Getting a demo is important before you buy is important, nevertheless.

Activating HBO Go takes a couple of minutes on any device, streaming quality and performance is pretty good with crystal clear HD. If you have an internet connection speed of 8 Mbps or more, HBO Go is your answer to high-quality, unrestricted entertainment. Do not hesitate to comment below! Enjoy your TV!



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