How I got HBO Now in Australia for AUD $10 a month: Review after a year of renting an HBO now login


I’m Rakesh an expatriate from Camberwell. I’m sharing my experience because, practically anyone I meet, a friend, neighbor, work colleague or anyone else that owns an Apple tv, Roku, Chromecast streaming stick, Amazon Fire tv or similar device wants to know how to get access to the “American tv apps or channels” on their device. I had a vague idea about people accessing services like HBO Now Australia through a VPN before I got my Apple TV but as a complete novice, I had 3 questions. First off, how will I be able to access a US channel in Australia? Secondly, is this legal? And will my device stream without stuttering on my 25 Mbps NBN ADSL 2 line?

I did a bit of internet research and found that the first thing I’d need is a US iTunes account which would give me access to download and install US tv apps. A number of forum posts and websites provide easy guides on how to go about this. Secondly, the trickier part is to find a reliable smart DNS provider to help international users access the app. This in my experience, was the toughest part considering the bevy of DNS providers out there and the technical bit. I found some good reviews about smart-DNS proxy so I went ahead and signed up for a trial. They offer a free 14-day trial which I took advantage of. Setting up takes a few minutes and requires changing the DNS settings on your router/device.

Once the DNS bit was sorted out, I stumbled upon online articles that gave me two methods of getting an HBO now subscription in Australia. The first option was to fire up HBO Now and make a payment from my credit card issued in Australia which was linked to my US iTunes account. A number of online forum posts mention that this is possible, but my card was declined for some reason, even though I had a US address tied to the iTunes account. I didn’t want to contact my bank official and ask them to approve a transaction for a streaming service that does not have official support for Australian customers so I looked into alternative ways of gaining access. Another method would be to purchase iTunes vouchers from sites like eBay but my risk averse nature prevented me from doing so, you can’t quite verify where and how these vouchers are obtained or issued.

HBO Now Australia 

I got my HBO now Australia log in for 10$/month from

Extensive research online (Twitter, Facebook, forums) gave me a couple of viable solutions, getting a friend or relative in the US to share their password with you or to rent a login from a third-party seller. Since I don’t know anyone in the US, the only other option was to find someone who rents it out on I posted a request on the “Exchanges USA” forum and got multiple requests from different people who rent out these logins. Some of them charge about 10 USD per month for a login but I found a seller who had been selling there for over a year at the time and he offered me a login for 10 AUD per month or 75 AUD per year.

This was a fantastic deal, it was a lot cheaper than having to pay 15 USD or 20 AUD (if I had purchased the service directly) so I went on to get a monthly subscription. I got my login within a few minutes, logged in with the credentials provided and voila! I was in. The interface was gorgeous, well-organised and the service helps me catch up with the latest episodes of shows like Game of Thrones that aren’t available on other popular streaming services. Shows are posted online an hour after the official episode airing in the US.

Streaming Performance and Reliability

I must add that I was a touch surprised by how good the streaming performance on the Apple tv was. The service streamed without a hitch for hours even on two devices at the same time. I have been using the service from since January 2016 and there have been no major issues as yet. An incident worth mentioning is that I faced downtime for about 2 days due a technical issue with the DNS provider but both my login and DNS providers collectively resolved the issue pretty promptly. If you are thinking of renting a login from I would recommend buying services from a seller who has been on the forum for over a year. The forum is strictly moderated so any shady sellers/scammers wouldn’t last long on the forum.


In conclusion, what worked for me was a smart-DNS proxy, a 25mb broadband line and a login from American tv sharing enthusiasts who rent out logins on the Sling sharing forum. I think 10 AUD/month is a pretty good deal for the awesome blockbuster shows and movies on offer. Most smart DNS providers offer free trial periods, I suggest trying each one to find what suits you best. With respect to the legality of logins, it is my duty to inform you that it is a legal gray area although, watching HBO Now in Australia is not explicitly illegal. I enjoy some premium content and the service certainly provides great value for money. There are still some trusted sellers on forums online that rent out logins, or you could always grab an iTunes voucher if you can get your hands on one.


The information associated in the article above is for informational purposes only. I have mentioned the outcome of online research with respect to obtaining an HBO NOW Australia streaming login online. I do not endorse, in any way the use of any Smart DNS services, the purchase of an HBO Now login or anything similar. I have not placed any affiliate links in the content above. This is not a paid review. Users obtain services at their own discretion.