HBO GO Australia: How to get HBO GO in Australia- a Layman’s Review

HBO Go Australia

HBO GO Australia, a much-coveted service by any TV loving tech savvy Aussie with an apple tv, Roku streamer, Amazon Fire tv, Chromecast or Android device with the HBO GO app installed. I’ve already pointed out how the alternative to HBO go, HBO now can be activated in my blog but this post is dedicated to the “Go” app. I have an Apple tv and roughly a year ago, I was eager to access the US tv channel apps on my device. HBO Now and HBO Go are essentially the same apps where the only difference between the two is that you require a login from a US cable provider to access “Go”. The “Now” version of the app is a standalone subscription and does not require a cable login.

Getting a US cable login gives you access to a lot more channels than an HBO Now login, which only works with the standalone app. A cable login, on the other hand, provides access to multiple apps such as HGTV, MTV, Comedy Central, Nat GEO, Nick, Disney and more. Depending on the package you could very well get access to other similar premium movie apps like Showtime Anytime, Cinemax Go and Starz.

What you need to get HBO GO in a nutshell

A login form a US cable provider (I got one from

You will need a login to authenticate the app on your device. Get one from a friend or relative in the U.S or you could visit the forum. It has sub-sections (USA and Australia Exchanges) that contain posts where providers in the USA share their cable sub-accounts and sling boxes for a price. Pricing usually ranges from 10 USD up to 25 USD per month for a login depending on the channel lineup you choose. I got a top of the line login for 15 USD that gives me access to all the tv channel apps on the Apple tv. If you choose to get one from Sling sharing, remember to get a demo from the seller and make sure the seller has been selling on the board for over a year, just to be on the safe side.

Watch HBO GO in Australia through a smart DNS service

I use a smart-DNS proxy for my DNS. This tweaks your DNS to help bypass geo-blocks on the apps. There are a number of different providers out there, I’d suggest you do a bit of internet research before purchasing. Most good providers offer a free demo period, take advantage of this before you commit. The DNS providers provide detailed guides on how to set up the service, this usually takes about half an hour if you are a beginner and around 15 minutes if you are good at working with routers and network settings.

A US iTunes account

You require a US-based iTunes account to access all apps on your Apple tv or US Amazon accounts for a fire tv. There are plenty of setup guides, videos, and articles on how these accounts could be set up online.

My review of the service

I’ve been using the service with no hiccups for over a year. The apps give me access to a huge library of on-demand and live tv content from the USA. The interface, streaming quality (on a 25 Mbps broadband line) and content have been top notch. I’ve outlined the method based on internet research and my experience. Please feel free to share your opinions, questions, and feedback in the comments section below. I’d be interested in other ways to access these services from Australia (if any).


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